December 10, 2015

Wanna See My Doodle?

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Howdy all you holiday hipsters! Mr. Retro just released my new book of sketches! This collection includes over 80 full color sketches from my personal sketchbooks…and every copy includes a signed bookplate! But dig this…..I scribbled out 20 new original sketches to be placed randomly in the stack of books! You could snag yourself a very limited Derek original! Head to Mr. Retro and eye it…it’s a riot! Here’s a look-see at the book cover as well as a peek at some of the freebie giveaway sketches you could win!

February 14, 2015

I Dig Love…Too Much, the MOST!

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Happy Valentine’s Day to all you love-crazy cats n’ kittens!

September 18, 2014

Crack Yer Peepers on the Wide Side!

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Hey all you righteous cats!…Dig this! New stuff just added to the Mr. Retro Shop! 2 new prints and even a couple of originals….The Tiki Oasis print, “Beat-Tiki” sold like booze-soaked hotcakes at the event so we ain’t got a whole heap left…..

Same goes for the DragonCon “Attack of the 50ft Superfan”….These babies are priced to move so watch yer wigs!

And apparently the cats at Mr. Retro made off with some more of my doodles…they got an original Kiddie Cocktails sketch as well as a full color sketchbook original…”Gidget”
Get em, They’s a Gas!

That’s all I got to lay on you cats….Gobs more to come! Be sure and tune into my Facebook fan page if ya wanna closer look at my scribbles!

Dig ya soon,

August 25, 2014

Fall by DragonCon and Dig Upon the Newness!

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Hey all you nutty kooks n’ wild ones…Dragon Con in Atlanta is next weekend! I’ll be there again this year with a fresh new crop of crazy scribbles to lay on ya! You gotta make the scene, Jelly Bean….You’ll dig it too much, the MOST! I will once again be located in Pop Artists Alley at the Hyatt…..Here’s a snap of my booth so’s you cats know what to eyeball!

I’ll have a nice stack of my new book “Kiddie Cocktails” at the gig…..and both myself and the author, Stuart Sandler will be there to scribble our Johnny Hancocks all over em for ya!

And dig this, hipsters….I’ll have more new serigraphs available than EVER before! A little somethin for all you Derek art snobs! Take a gander….

I scratched out another tee design for this year’s DragonCon as well…Attack of the 50ft Superfan! I’ll also have prints of this one if that’s the beat ya dig the most…..

Allow me now to lay it on ya straight-like….I’ve got a brand spankin new acryl-O-graph to debut this year and I’m so excited about it I’m flat out flippin out! She’s called “Planetary Playboy” and she’s out of this world! If you’ve never eyeballed an acryo before, it’s a block of acrylic with an image printed on the top and another printed on the back…It creates a wild 3-D effect that has to be peeped in person to dig to the fullest! VERY limited run of these, so don’t drag yer wagon, man! Here’s a peek at the images I scribbled for it…how’s that grab ya?

If it’s original art that really flips yer wig…I’ll have a whole mess of sketchbook original pages for you kids to paw thru…Original Derek art at a penny-pinchin price!

I’m hoppin like a jumpin bean on a trampoline right now so I gotta split…If you plan on makin the DragonCon scene, drop in on me and dig upon the newness!!

Plant ya now, Dig ya Later!

May 30, 2014

Silly Rabbit….Cocktails are for Kids!

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Howdy all you Koo Koo Cats n’ Crazy Kittens! Got some super-groovy news to lay on ya….Mr. Retro got their greedy grabbers on a batch of the brand spankin new Kiddie Cocktails book…BEFORE the official US release in August! Only got 200 of em…and dig this, each n every one has been signed and numbered by the author Stuart Sandler and the illustrator, yours truly! This is the only place stateside that you can get it so don’t stall, ya’ll….Flat Git It!! Fall by Mr. Retro to eyeball the tasty innards!

Also up for grabs are a few 12″ x 12″ prints of some of my favorite Kiddie Cocktail pages!

And if that ain’t enough to gas up yer go-go, then take a gander at this here…A brand new limited edition serigraph…Hi-Fi Tiki Guy! I scribbled this one up for a gallery gig at the fabulous Sig’s Lagoon in Houston a few months back. Stack the wax to the sky and bongo beat yer blues away, man!

One last piece of news to lay yer way…I will be droppin in on the Hukilau gig next month down Florida way. I’ll be there to catch up with all my east coast tiki freak friends as well as sittin in at the Harold Golen Gallery booth for a print release / signing on Saturday June 14! You’re probably already in the know that the wonderfully talented Bunny Yeager has very recently passed away…I created a painting for a Bunny show at Harold’s gallery last year and this year I turned the art into a serigraph for the Hulilau…We were hopin to have Bunny there for the signing as well, but sadly…..Anyways, if you plan on makin with the Hukilau scene, you gotta swing by and say Howdy!

That’s all for now……and again, if ya wanna keep up with all my newest, dig my facebook fan page for a whole heap more! Dig ya soon, goon from Saskatoon!


March 23, 2014

To Dig or not to Dig!

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Howdy Cats!….I have been quite neglect in my attention to the News Page as of late…Man, like I been hoppin higher than a kangaroo wearin moon boots on a trampoline! I have been throwin lots of new scribbles n snaps on my Facebook Fan Page, however. So’s if ya wanna follow what I’m workin on a little more closer-like, Fall by and dig the doodles, man!

For all you rootin-tootin buckaroos what lives down Texas way…Next weekend ( Sat. March 29th ) I’ll be in Houston at the fabulous Sig’s Lagoon for a solo gallery gig! If you hang yer Stetson anywheres near that zip…make the trip!! Lots of original paintings, serigraphs n’ sketches for you cats to paw thru! Here’s a look-see at the flyer as well as a serigraph and an original painting for the gig….

And if that don’t flip yer wig…The original white trash warriors, Southern Culture on the Skids will be playin right next door at the Continental Club….not one nite, but TWO!!
Here’s a flyer featuring some art I did for their upcoming 12″ single “Party at my Trouse”…

In other nutty news…I hear tell the hepcats at Mr. Retro just released a new batch of my original sketches….Don’t know how them creepsters keep gettin their mitts on my scribbles!
Anyways….my lose, yer gain, Pops! Light up yer pitty pats n’ hot foot it on over!

One of my many excuses for not updatin my News Page….The Kiddie Cocktail Book! Well, dig this kids…she’s donesville…and she’s a gas! Korero Press is hard at work printin em up all fancy like!! Here’s a little sneak peek at some of the art….clik here to get an even better look!

And last on the list, but not least on the list…I thought you cats might wanna gander at some more of the art I scribbled for this years Tales of the Cocktail event….It’s like seein the whole world thru beer goggles!! Crazy, man….crazy!

Alright Hipsters….I gotta split….makin with the paint slingin routine these days…many more to come..stay close and I’ll straighten ya real soon-like….

Much love upon ya,

December 25, 2013

Very Merry and a Nutty New!

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Howdy Nog Nippers! Dig a Holiday Season that’s Bright and Out of Sight!

November 27, 2013

Happy Wild Turkey Day, Gobble Goons!

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Howdy Holiday Hepcats! Hope each and everyone of you can knab a few tick-tocks this week to spend some time makin nice with the kinfolk! Settin the table with Cousin Mabel and breakin bread with Uncle Fred!…And if you ain’t diggin the whole Black Friday bit, Mr. Retro has just added another batch of nutty new items to please even the pickiest cats n kittens on yer holiday list! No need to stand out in the cold freezin yer giblets…cop a squat in comfort and cross them cats off the list in style!

Okay….Dig this….I got 2 new pieces just perfect for all them gearheads and throttle jockeys in yer life! Firstly…The “Fins n Grills” serigraph on wood! Limited edition signed and numbered…no frame needed, Pops! Hopped Up and Ready to Hang! And secondly…”Racin For Pinks” limited edition serigraph! This is one of my all-time favorite scribbles…adorably cute and horribly filthy, ALL IN ONE! And I’ll just bet you dollars to donuts you have someone on yer shoppin list that fits that description the MOST! Gas it up and Git it!!

And now for all you nuts in yer tiki huts….A good while back I scratched out some movie poster art for a Canadian tiki documentary called “Mai Tais,Toques & Tikis”….Well I finally got my grabbers on a fistful of serigraphs printed up for the opening! The Great White North does South Pacific!! Head to Mr. Retro to get yer frosty mitts on one….

Alright hipsters….Allow me to pontificate on what other doins I got afoot…Just finished up a whole new batch of doodles for the Tales of the Cocktail event held in New Orleans every Summer! Always a hoot makin art for these cocktail-lovin cats but it was a real gas this go around! They had me scratch the art with an international flavor…A salute to cocktails from around the world! Here’s a few for ya to eyeball….I’ll add even more next time…..

I mentioned last time that I’ve been workin on art for a new book called “Kiddie Cocktails” to be published early next year by Korero Pres in the UK….From all I can tell, the book is lookin super swell!! Here’s another shot of the cover as well as a few pencil sketches….In the not too distant I’ll have a heap more to lay on ya……..

Ok cats…..I gotta split! Here’s hopin yer Gobble Gobble is Groovy and yer Holidays are a Hoot!


November 7, 2013

“Baby Cat…That Makes It!”

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Howdy Kids!! Hope all you rotten creeps survived Halloween! I do dig them tricks almost as much as them treats!! Alright, Things have been boilin over at the Scribble Factory! I’ve been workin on a whole slew of new for you cats to give the eye to! Mostly doodles for the upcomin Kiddie Cocktails book….so I’ll have a nice batch of them to lay on ya real soon-like!
But the latest I have for ya now is brand spankin new additions to Mr. Retro! Just added 2 new serigraphs and 3 new original sketches!! Cross some of them Gimmie Gimmies off yer holiday list lickety-split style! Head on over to Mr. Retro and grab it up!! Here’s a little peek at what’s new……

Somethin else you art snobs might dig….I just recently finished up some logo art for a soon to be aired Brazilian TV show entitled Planeta Exotico! From what I’ve seen of it it looks to be a real gas! So for all you South American Swingers….don’t drop out, Tune In!!

One more koo koo nutty thing before I split….For a good while now all kinds of swell cats n kittens have dropped in on my shows and gallery gigs to show off their “Derek” ink! I thought you hipsters would groove on eyeballin a few of the snaps I’ve snapped over the years! I didn’t have the heart to tell ‘em that tattoos are like….forever, man! Gonna be a real drag for ‘em when the hooch wears off and the ink doesn’t!

I gotta fall out, man!! Lots of scribbles in the works….many more simmerin’ in the pots…So keep your listenin holes free of obstructions and I’ll yell yer way on another day….Dig?


October 15, 2013

Ghoulish Greetings!

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Hey all you Crazy Creepsters!! The Witchin’ Hour is gonna be upon us real soon-like….and if yer anything like me you’ll be grabbin the nearest shovel so’s you can Dig It, Deady-O!! Still haven’t picked out my Hallow’s Eve threads yet, but I’ve narrowed it down to Sexy Soda Jerk, Sexy Window Washer or Sexy Certified Public Accountant….I’ll clue you mad monsters once my mind is set! Okay….for all you fans of the freaky and fools for the ghouls, Mr. Retro is FINALLY able to bring you the much anticipated and long awaited “Elvira” limited edition serigraph! We’ve got a few signed by the Mistress of the Dark herself and a few that Glow in the Dark! We only got our grippers on a fistful so if ya gotta have it, Throw the hot rod hearse into the go gear and gas it up, Goon!!

Mr. Retro is also happier than a pig in slop to offer my newest Tiki Farm mug, “Ernest T”! These were a big hit at the Tiki Oasis and at DragonCon and now you can get one for your own creepy self! Yee-Haw Aloha!

All you Boils n Ghouls seem to really dig ‘em so….we added a couple more sketchbook original pages to the Mr. Retro site as well…

Okay Halloween Hepcats…I gotta hop a jet and rocket west for my gig at the University of Nebraska Kearney….If any of you creeps cop a squat near that zip you gotta make the trip!! Fall in, man! No cover….no minimum!! Here’s another look see at the flyer with a few more details…

Many more new releases real soon-like so stay tuned to this station and I’ll beam in on yer frequency once I dig up some new words for ya!! Hope your Halloween is a horrible hoot!

Catch you on the flop, Sugar Pop!

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