October 3, 2013

It’s a Riot…Eye It!

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Hey all you Hepcats!! Hope all is super groovy wherever it is you call Pad Sweet Pad! Over the next few weeks runnin head-long into the holiday season we’ll be addin heaps of new biscuits to the Mr. Retro site so I’ll be be yellin in yer ear like Paul Revere!! Don’t run for cover, man…plant your feet and dig the beat!!

Alright friends….let’s commence with the Cavalcade of Newness! Just released “Pad Sweet Pad”….This limited edition serigraph made a big splash when it debuted at last month’s DragonCon! Them things went faster than a roadrunner on jet gas! Thankfully for all you beatniks, we got a few left! So split the Coffee Cave early-like and git yer mitts on ‘em before they is splitsville, Pops!

Okay….speakin of DragonCon, We are also adding the crazy popular DragonCon Parade print to Mr. Retro as well as the VERY limited DC Hotel Keycard print! Almost sold out of these so if ya dig em, quit yer goofin’ and go get ‘em! And another thing…I hoid from a nutty lil’ boid that the parade T-shirt I designed sold out at the gig yet again! But don’t Boo-Hoo, Mary Lou!! I also hear-tell they reprinted it…so if ya wanna snag a T, head to the DragonCon store!

In other Update News…Them no-goodniks at Mr. Retro made off with a hefty stack of original sketches a while back and it looks like they’ve added a few more for you kooks to eyeball….

Haven’t chatted with you mad cats in a while ’cause I been doodlin at a wild tempo!! I been scratchin out art for a new book called “Kiddie Cocktails“….written by my good friend Stuart Sandler ( of Font Diner fame ) and published by them swells gents across the pond, Korero Press! I’ll be layin more art and info on ya as time ticks on but just to get ya started here’s a peek at the cover art…Crack yer peepers on the wide side, Clyde!

Alrighty Hipsters….If you dig a wild rockabilly kustom kulture scene, then this scribble will surely cause you to Flat Out Flip Out! Them ding dong daddies what run the Belles n’ Whistles Kustom Kuture Fair in Sydney, Australia gave me a scream and laid the gig on me….if you don’t think this one cuts a mean groove then hop the nearest hearse to the boneyard ’cause you’re dead, man!

And now a little somethin for all you Spanish-Speakin Swingsters…Just got the word that Madrid’s Linea Curve Magazine blogged up a nice bit on me!! Bop on over and give it a look-see!

And lastly, I gotta pile a multitude of gratitude upon all you hipsters that came by my booth at last month’s DragonCon!! It was bar-none, hands down my best show EVER! Thanks for makin with all the love lingo and grabbin up so many scribbles! You cats are the Bees Knees AND the Mamas Pajamas! Here’s a few snaps from the weekend of nuttiness…

One more thing-a ding-ding….I’ll be at the University of Nebraska at Kearney from Oct. 16th thru the 18th! Them cats in the Art Dept. are bringin me out for a gallery gig and they’s even gonna let me talk art with the students! I’ll blab on endlessly about what I do, how I do it and so on and so forth…I got Professor Doug Waterfield to thank for the invite….Thanks a heap, Dougy! See you goons real soon!!

August 25, 2013

Dig Me at DragonCon!

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Hey all you frantic ones! Go easy on me…I’m still tryin to dry out my rum-soaked noggin from last weekends Tiki Oasis in San Diego!! That gig was a real knee-slappin barn-burner! It was great swiggin joy juice and diggin the reunion routine with all my west-coast tiki chums!! Here’s a few snaps of the koo koo nuttiness….

But dig this….I barely snagged any time for goofin or catchin up on my Zs before I had to start gettin ready for Atlanta’s own DragonCon event! I drop in on this scene every year…it is bar none, hands down my biggest gig of the year! And this go around I got more new scribbles to lay on you cats than EVER before!! The show starts this comin Friday ( August 30 ) and runs thru Labor Day ( Sept 2 )….I’ll be coppin a squat in the same spot as I have for the last few years….Comic and Pop Artist Alley in the Hyatt Regency Hotel…crack yer peepers on the wide side and hunt me down!! Here’s a look-see at my booth set-up…You’d have to be blinder than a bat in bifocals to miss it!!

The DC powers that be were nice enough to ask me to scribble out another DragonCon Parade Tee design…I was happy as hell to oblige!! The T-shirts have sold out over the past couple of years so if ya dig it and gotta have it….Take off at a wild tempo!! And that ain’t all…Them DC bigwigs also invited me to create another hotel room key design for this year’s gig!! Crazy! Swing by my booth and I’ll sign yer keycard for ya! I’ll have prints available of both the T design and the keycard art. If ya want one, hit the gravel ’cause them things are guaranteed to travel!

Got a whole mess of new limited edition serigraphs that will make their debut at the show…A little something for every hipster and flipster!…Here’s a few to wet yer whistle!

And dig this hipsters…finally got my mitts on them Elvira prints that I been squakin about for so long! Got a few that glow in the dark and an even lesser few signed by the Mistress of the Dark herself!!

I’ll be rollin out a brand spankin new plywood serigraph! Fins n’ Grills!

I’ll also be bringin a batch of the outrageously popular Hi-Fi Paper Model Kits!! We’ll have one assembled and proudly displayed for you to dig on! It’s a riot…swing by and eye it!!

A few years back I introduced the world to the amazing 3-D Acryl-O-Graph!! Them things sold faster than fishstix at a hungry nun convention!! So….if you cats got any rafters overhead it’s time for ya to start swingin from ‘em! Available for the first time anywhere…the newest Acryl-O-Graph…”X-Ray Love”….a sleeker and more affordable version for you cats with a tighter hold on yer purse strings! The snap below don’t do her justice, drop by and eyeball it in person, man!

Also gonna have a nice hefty stack of new sketchbook originals for ya to paw thru….

And for you mug maniacs….”Ernest T”…..

The Southern Culture on the Skids kids were kind enough to lay a stack of tees on me so I’ll have those for ya too!

Okay….if all that ain’t enough for ya, then I’m gonna need to upgrade to a hi-test fuel, cause I’ve been blowin my headers full tilt all Summer for this gig, ya dig? Drop by and give it all the good eye!!


August 14, 2013

Hulabilly Hoedown is Fixin’ to Go Down!

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Howdy all you corn-fed cuzzins! Just droppin a little reminder on you cats….The Tiki Oasis is this comin’ weekend! I’ll be jettin west for the gig in a few quick cliks of the clock….If you plan on fallin in, you gotta track me down and share a swig of joy juice with me! Don’t be makin’ with the bashful bit….what with all the hillbilly inbreedin…we’s probably related!
Still kinda fuzzy on where my print signing is gonna be, but I’m thinkin it’ll be in the large Crowne Plaza lobby from 11am til Noon on Saturday…Check the printed program schedule for more know, Daddy-O! The official show print is available at the signing…..and before and after that you can get one at the Falling Cocos suite….and I think my Tiki Farm “Ernest T” mug release is gonna be around that same time and place……

Here’s another look-see at some of the full color sketchbook original pages I’ll have for sale as well….and dig this, for all you tiki freaks that wanna get yer mitts on a piece of Tiki Oasis history, I’ll also have a fistful of original pencil art from prior events! Be you round, be you square…it’ll surely curl your hair!

Another original piece you might dig is the painted hand drum “L is for Luau”….eye it!

Looks like they’s gonna be an Artist Reception for the Tiki Oasis Art Show on Saturday at noon in the Lahaina Room….I’ll make with the heel n’ toe action after the signing and try n’ catch that scene as well…….here’s another peek at the scribble I’ll have in the show…

I gotta get kickin, Chicken!…..This hillbilly ain’t got no time to dilly!! Lots to do before I blast off!….

See ya soon, ya goons from Saskatoon!

July 16, 2013

It’s a Doggone Tiki Freak Hootenanny!

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Howdy Hepcats!

Toss a little Yee-Haw in with the Aloha!! The Tiki Oasis in San Diego is in the not too distant….( Aug 15 thru 18 )…and since this year’s theme is Hulabilly, I’ll shorely be droppin in on the hoedown that’s fixin to go down!! It’s guaranteed to be corn-fed crazy with a heapin helpin of kickapoo joy juice!! Throw a blanket over Bessie or hitch a mess of mules to the nearest buggy….this one is gonna be slicker than deer guts on a doorknob! And since I will be swingin in on the hootenanny I’ll have a gaggle of newness to lay on you cats! I’ll be rollin out the official Tiki Oasis “Hulabilly” show serigraph at the event….There’s a print signing happenin on Saturday ( eyeball the TO website closer to the gig for details ) Looks like Mean Gene at the Falling Cocos booth will be selling the prints…so grab a fistful on Friday and meet me at the signin, man!!

And dig this…I designed a Hillbilly Tiki Mug for the gig! Now, just so’s we’s straight, this ain’t the OFFICIAL Tiki Oasis mug….but I still think she’s a hoot AND a holler!! Them mug masters at Tiki Farm fired it and did a right nice job on it I must say!! We call it “Ernest T” ( the “T” is for TIKI doncha know? ) Not sure when at the event they’ll be released but I’ll be there to meet and greet with ya and scribble my Johnny Hancock on em if ya want….Keep yer ears real near for more info……

Okay hipsters……I was able to sneak the necessary tic-tocs and sling some paint for this year’s Tiki Oasis Art Show “Americana Tiki”….She’s entitled “Corn Squeezin Zs”…Hope you can dig it!

So, when I was makin the rockabilly scene in Austin for the Lonestar Roundup I met the super swell trio that is Southern Culture on the Skids….them cats are Aces! Anyways…come to find out they’s gonna be at this year’s Oasis!! Crazy, Pops! So they was kind enough to ask me to design a t-shirt for ‘em to sell at the gig!! Tiki god worship…hillbilly style!! The Wizard of Booze! They’ll have a merch table so find it and get yer greedy mitts all over ‘em!! Here’s a sneaky peek…..

And this time around, for the first time ever, I’ll have a whole batch of sketchbook originals for sale at the event! I sell heaps n gobs of these damn things at gallery gigs and shows like the ComicCon and the DragonCon….original art at a penny pinchin price!! Here’s a look-see at a few of the doodles I’ll have for ya to paw thru….

And lastly….I just added a big batch of art to all of my Art Pages….16 paintings, 10 serigraphs, 11 illustrations and 2 mugs!! Bop on over to each page, scroll down to the bottom and give ‘em a gawk, man!

Tiki Freaks Unite!! Git yer good self out to San Diego next month, track me down and say “Howdy Cat!”……Mai Tais on you!


June 3, 2013

Lots of Fresh Baked Biscuits For All You Hungry Hepcats!

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Howdy Summertime Swingers!! I don’t know where the mercury sits on your thermo-meter but mine’s plum about busted thru the tip-top, Pop! I gots to wear 2 pairs of kicks so’s I don’t scorch my little pigs on the blacktop, man! It’s so hot so early here I’ve gone to storin my skivvies in the icebox just so’s my niblets don’t catch flame!

Alright Cats….LOTS of new doins at Mr. Retro as of late! Just added a brand new serigraph, some new sketches and a spanky new item that I am so hopped about I can’t stands it!!First off…the new serigraph is a ghoulish gasser for all you monster maniacs and motor-psychos!! She’s entitled “Crankenstein Meets Biker Bride”….Ponder, if you will, Boris landin the role in “the Wild One” instead of Marlon…Get a better look-see and all the details at Mr. Retro…Crank it up. Frank!

New originals for you cats n kittens that dig the whole “one of a kind” routine! Full color doodles from my sketchbooks as well as the initial pencil sketches of a few of my sold out paintings!…Eyeball em all at Mr. Retro…Original Derek Art with a third less gouging!!

And now, with no further doo-doo….( like, lay a drumroll on me, dad! ) Here’s a nutty new Mr. Retro product that I am most proud to clue you to…”The Hi-Fi Pad Model Kit”! Build your very own swingin scene with this kooky new kit! It’s a mad pad, Dad!! Includes everything ya need…well, except for the martinis, glue n’ scissors that is! This paper model kit was inspired by my long sold out “Hi-Fi Pad” serigraph and woulda’ never happened without the help of the amazingly talented Master Paper Engineer, Marshall Alexander!! Dig a few pics below and then head over to Mr. Retro Real Estate to see more and snag the ding-dong daddy of ALL dream homes!!

Dig this….just finished a new scribble for a fellow tiki freak in Canada and I knew you’d dig droppin your marbles on it! It’s a movie poster for a documentary film about rum slingers and ukulele stringers in Winnipeg entitled “Mai-Tais,Toques & Tikis”..Steve Ward is the crazy cat to blame for the flik…. and I gotta tell ya, I’m lookin much forward to seein how them tribes of the Great White North dig a wild tiki scene!! I hear tell there might even be few serigraph posters in the works as well…I’ll hip your ship as soon as I get my mitts on a few!

Well, I gotta travel…but before I hit the gravel, allow me to lay a heap of thanks on all you shirts n’ skirts that keep comin back every month to wade thru my hepcat chatter and eyeball my new splatter!! I dig ya’ the MOST! Much more newness in the works….so drop in whenever yer able, Mabel!


May 6, 2013

Elucidatin’ n Pontificatin’!

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Howdy Hepcats! It is I….your Royal Highness of Retro Hipness!! Plant yerselves real near and lend an ear….allow me to elucidate and pontificate on all the doins I have of late!! Well…It took me a solid month of days n nights to recover from Austin’s Lonestar Round-Up! That has got to be, hands down, the ring-a-ding-dinginest of all rockabilly gigs that ever was! Nuthin’ but Rat Rods, Pin-Up Pussycats, and Rockabilly Rebels as fer as the eyeball could peep! It was heaven right here on earth I tells ya! And I gotta pile heaps of thanks on that way out cat Tomas Escalante, the head honcho of Houston’s Sig’s Lagoon, for invitin me to sit in at his booth! And thanks to all you swell cats n kittens that swung by to snag art and make with all the nice-nice!! Hipsters from Australia, Germany and even France dropped in! It was like some kinda nutty koo-koo League of Nations for Hepcats!! What a real gone gasser!! And dig this…Tomas introduced me to my all time favorite hillbilly rockers, Southern Culture on the Skids! Them cats was in town for a gig at the Continental so I got to meet ‘em and jaw it up for a good while!! And double-dig this…them cats asked me to work up a T-shirt design for their upcomin appearance at this year’s Tiki Oasis! I’ll share my scribbles with all ya’ll once they’s ready, Eddie! Hope they dig what I come up with!

In other Derek News….My fine-feathered friends at Mr. Retro have just made available my newest limited edition serigraph, “Hula Twosome”! This one made it’s first appearance as a painting a while back and you tiki freaks have been kickin in the back door of my shack to release it as a print so…here ya’ go, Daddy-O!! Just perfect for all you hula nuts in yer tiki huts!!

Mr. Retro also released 2 new original sketches recently stolen from my doodle vault…don’t know how them finks keep jimmyin’ the lock on that damn thing, but they do….sad day for me but lollipops n’ rainbows for you lucky cats!

OK…this next bit is proof positive that this is a nutty world we live in!! A little while back I got an e-mail from this real groovy wahine by the name of Michele Rundgren…she asked me to scribble out some art for her and her husband’s new restaurant called “Tiki Iniki” opening on the island of Kauai in Hawaii….Now most days I’m about as sharp as a sackful of doorknobs, so it took me a few cliks before I clued into the fact that she was the lovely wife of TODD Rundgren! Like….Crazy, man!! Anyways, I had a blast scratchin out art for ‘em and I gotta tell ya’…Michele is a hoot and a kick and one real hip chick!!

Now that Summer is about to crash land on my corner of the kingdom it made me realize that I never showed you hipsters the scribble I scribbled for this year’s Tiki Oasis….The theme is Hulabilly and anyone who knows me knows that’s parked right up my alley, cat!
I’ll be jawin gobs more about the event as it gets a little closer but here’s a little look see at this year’s official Tiki Oasis show serigraph! Hot Diggity Dawg!

And it looks like Tiki Farm will be releasing my newest hillbilly-inspired mug at this year’s Tiki Oasis! She’s named Ernest T ( the “T” is for Teeki ) and even though she ain’t the official show mug I still think she strikes the right note, Billy Goat!! Here’s a little look-see at the Tiki Farm preview image….

Okay cats n kittens….that’s all I got to lay on ya right now….Lots of things in the hopper, though…..workin’ on art for an upcoming children’s book….Walls 360 is days away from rolling out an entire line of my scribbles….just finished up a movie poster for a Canadian tiki documentary….and LOTS more new serigraph releases comin up at Mr. Retro!! So, throw yer buggy into neutral gear and stay real near…much more to come very soon, baboon!

Dig you later!

March 28, 2013

Lonestar Round-Up bound!!

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Howdy all you rootin tootin buckaroos!!….I got a sack full of sorrys to drop on yer stoop! It’s been a whole heap of moons since I last laid the news on ya! I’ve had my head buried in my scribbles for the past month and just now got a breathin break! Any of you chicks n chucks ever been called up for Jury Duty? Man, that can be a real drag! Johnny Law spent 3 days tryin to whittle down our gang of 72 to an even dozen! I took every chance I could to chatter my hepcat patter!….them courthouse cats thought I fell completely off my nut!
“This whole kooky trial is like…outta order, Chicky Baby!!” Thankfully they cut me loose on day 3….Okie Fanokie, enough with my bring-downs…Let’s talk about what I got stewin’ and eyeball what I been doin!

Next week I jet West for Austin’s Lonestar Round-Up! I’ve never dropped in on this gig but it shore does sound like it’s parked right up my alley! I was invited to attend by Tomas Escalante of Sig’s Lagoon…Sig’s is located in Houston…If you happen to reside anywhere’s near the Lagoon, make like an apeman and swing on by!! Anyways, Tomas is a right solid cat with a tight wig and all thanks for the gig goes to him, ya dig? The Round-Up runs from Apr 4th thru the 6th at the Travis County Expo Center……I’ll be there all day Friday and Saturday at the Sig’s Lagoon booth located in the indoor vendin area….And dig this, I’ll have 4 paintings available in the Round-Up Art Show!! Here’s a look-see at my 2 newest for the show….

And if that ain’t enough to grab ya….I’ll also have 2 brand spankin new serigraphs at the show…”Hula Twosome” and “Crankenstein Meets the Biker Bride” These are not available anywheres else and I’ll only have a fistful, so…Gas it Up! Here’s a sneaky peek……

That ain’t enough for you?! It’s gonna take even more to blast yer jets?….I’m on ‘er, your honor!! I worked up a whole new batch of full color one-of-a-kind sketchbook originals!! Derek originals at a penny-pinchin price!! Crazy, man! Take a gander at a few……

And lastly, but far from leastly…I will be debuting my newest 3-D acryl-o-graph entitled “X-Ray Love”…..If you got no notion of what the hell I’m on about, then you gotta kick, scrape n’ claw your way to the Sig’s Lagoon booth and drop your marbles on one in person to fully dig my meanin’! Made a couple of these with different designs a while back and they moved faster than a hungry nun at all all-you-can-eat fishfry!! They’s so new there wasn’t even time for my photo guy to snap a few……here’s one I took just to give you a clue, but it don’t do it justice, no-wise!

In other news….Mr. Retro has just released a VERY limited edition Space Gasser Deglo Mug! This one is so bright n’ out of site, our friends the Moon Goons can see it all the way from outer spaces…and they think it’s Aces!! Only 30 total were produced by the mug masters at Tiki Farm so saddle up a satellite and blast off, man!!

Also, them covert creeps at Mr. Retro musta’ snuck into my studio under the cover of darkness and made off with some more original pencil sketches from my scribble safe….they added 2 new ones to the site….Here’s a look at ‘em, but to give ‘em a real once over, head to Mr. Retro!

Okay Hipsters…that’s all I got for now! And remember…if you hang your beanie in a pad down Austin-Way, fall by the Lonestar Round-Up and say “Howdy!!”

Dig ya later,

February 12, 2013

Make with the Smoochy Bit Already!!

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Howdy Lovebirds….Wrap yer mittens around your kittens and git to smoochin, man! To help all you cats get in the mood for love I scribbled out a brand spanky new Valentine card!! Print it out and lay it on your honey so’s you can tango the night away and nudge each other into the hay! Love is a way-out wig, Pops!!

Hope 2013 is rollin along nicely for you hipsters….I’m a jumpin bean on a trampoline these days….I been hoppin so wild I had to bolt down the couch and roll back the rugs! Scratched out oodles of new doodles last month and got gobs more in the works…The first thing I wanna lay your way is my newest painting for next month’s Bunny Yeager tribute show at the fabulous Harold Golen Gallery in Miami…The show opens on March 9th….Looks to be a real swell group of artists involved so if you reside anywheres near that corner of the kingdom, steer your get-away sticks in that direction! And if my painting is somethin you just gotta get your paws on, contact Harold and say “GIMME!” Here’s 2 shots of the piece I shipped down Miami way….

Dig this Kids….I scribbled out a sketch for a friend a while back and I thought you hipsters might dig givin’ it the eye…My friend Dave Cook is not only a great artist and one righteous Jackson, he’s also a freak for KISS! He’s seen them cats live 49 times!! Crazy!

For 3 years runnin now, the mixology mad cats responsible for the Tales of the Cocktail event in New Orleans, asked me to scribble some art for ‘em! I dig workin’ for these folks….it’s always a kick!! And they also hired me to work up some pieces for their upcoming event in Buenos Aires!! Here’s a little look-see…

In other news….The French art magazine HEY! grabbed a hold of me and asked if they could make with the interview routine…I shoulda’ said “Oui” but since I ain’t a bi-lingual beatnik I said “Sure Thing Chicken Wing!” Not sure when the rag will hit the stands, but as soon as I get the word, I’ll make like Paul Revere and yell it in your ear!

Well….that’s it, I’m tapped! I Worked up brand new art for this years Tiki Oasis as well as a piece for a soon to be released Korero book on Frankenstein….but I will save them scribbles for a later date, Mate! Also….got LOTS of new products in the hopper for future Mr. Retro releases…so don’t stray too far….ya dig?

Love is a gas!! Spend some tick tocks with your lovecat this Valentine’s Day!

December 21, 2012

Rudy the Red-Nosed Barfly!

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Just wanted to lay a quik update on you Christmas kooks and holiday hipsters to wish you a very Merry and a nutty New Year!! I wanted to make with the thanks routine since you cats are the ones that made my 2012 a real gone gas!! I sure hope you will continue to dig my scribbles ’cause I got loads n heaps more to come!! I doodled out a Christmas card this year with a little extra hep to the step!! It was the least I could do for all you what does so much for me! Here’s my take on the classic Rudolf bit entitled “Rudy the Red-Nosed Barfly”…can you dig it?

December 8, 2012

New Swag to Fill Santa’s Bag!

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Howdy all you Holly-lovin’ Hepcats!! Stock up on nogs and grab a stack of logs ’cause the Holidays are happenin’ in no-time flat! Since The Fat Guy will be makin’ the scene so soon…it’s time to scratch off the list the names you may have missed! Mr. Retro has a little somethin’ for all you cats and kittens! New stuff just added, so dash thru the snow, Daddy-O and grab what you need before some other elf beats ya’ to it!!

The first item for your consideration…a brand new limited edition serigraph entitled “Hungover Hank”…..we all know just how Hank feels….probably shoulda’ said “NO” to that last quart of nog! Just the thing to add a little zing to any cocktail kooks home bar!!

Next up…a VERY limited edition silkscreen on wood…”Papua Fisherman” They turned out right swell I must say! Every one is signed and numbered and ready to hang in the tiki hut of any tiki nut on your list! Only printed up 25 of these beauties so don’t dilly or dally, Pally!

And now for all you hooch hounds who dabble in the fine art of mixology…The Derek-Designed “Classic Cocktail Set”! Of all the pieces I have designed for mug-makers over the year’s this Tiki Farm pitcher and mug set is far and above the ding-dong-daddy of ‘em all!!
And that’s sayin’ somethin! Using a sand blasting technique that actually carves the design into the ceramic, this Cocktail Set is a real beaut! It comes in a signed and numbered display box with two mambo-sized Tiki Farm swizzles….If that don’t flip your lid then your wig is screwed on way too tight!! Only a fistful of these left so….GO!

And lastly….Mr. Retro has added two more of my wildly popular sketchbook originals! A super swell way for you shirts n’ skirts to get your mitts on a Derek original without havin’ to sell the farm to do so! Here’s a look-see at the ones they added…

Okay….one more thing to lay on ya’….A friend of mine who goes by the name of Rick Goldschmidt just released a new book and it is a real gone gasser!! You cats will dig it the MOST! Rick is the historian and biographer of Rankin Bass Production! His tome, entitled “The Enchanted World of Rankin Bass ” is a must for all lovers of the great Rankin Bass shows like Rudolf, Frosty, and my personal fave, Mad Monster Party! Bop on over to Miser Bros. and scoop one up for your own good self! Here’s a peek at the cover….

Okay Hipsters…that’s all I gots for now! In the next couple of weeks I’ll be adding some new Christmas card art along with my take on “Rudolf” entitled “Rudy the Red-Nosed Barfly”….she’s a hoot I tells ya! May all your holidays be bright and out of sight!


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