April 17, 2007


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APE Meets Mure

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May 17, 2007

Is This Thing On?

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Finally stealin’ a few tick-tocks to add to the news page. OK…Like, go easy on me, it’s my first time. These days, I’m busier than a truckload of monkeys on “Free-Banana Day,” so I’ll do my best to keep up with this here news page…But I gots to give ya’ the straight, John Steinbeck I ain’t! I hope like hell ya’ dig my art and I solemnly swear that I’ll update the pages with new pieces as often as is humanely possible.

June 6, 2007

Movin’ On Up!

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I just moved across town to some swanky new digs…Movin’ is a mother, and I ain’t talkin about the “Tuck ya’ in at night” kinda’ mother. I’m talkin’ about the OTHER kind! But now that I’m all settled in, I dig it the most, to say the least. The house was built in the mid 60’s so its got that retro vibe that really flips my switches!

Workwise, I’ve been slingin’ paint like Jackson Pollack with a bad case of the hippy hippy shakes. I’m tryin’ to get 2 more paintings finished up for a couple of gallery shows in Australia this August.

It Takes All Kinds Painting

Both shows are bein’ put on by those fabulous chicks n’ chucks at the Outre’ gallery. Shag, Tim Biskup, Andrew Brandou, Lynne Naylor, Keith Weesner, and Jeff Raglus will also have works in the mid-century show. Should be a flat-out hoot n’ a holler! Go Van Gogh!

July 17, 2007


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June 9, 2007

Name Droppin’ Fink!

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I met Mr. Josh Agle at last year’s Tiki Oasis in San Diego…that cat is top shelf all the way man! I was happier than a hungry nun at an all-you-can-eat fishfry when he asked me to work up a painting for him. If’n ya wanna’ eyeball it, it’s in the paintings section of this site. Another more recent brush with greatness happened last month…Lee Unkrich, of Pixar directorial fame, hired me to design an invite for his 40th Birthday Bash to be held at the Tonga Room in San Francisco…Wowsville!!

Lee's Big 4-0 Birthday Invitation

Please don’t hate me ’cause I’m a name droppin’ fink, I’m actually quite modest…ask anyone who knows me…Ya know, it’s probably my modesty that makes me so damned Super Great!!!

July 17, 2007


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June 12, 2007

Outta This World Man!

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I just finished slappin’ some paint on a rocket-shaped decanter produced by the ding-dong daddies at Tiki Farm for DvA gallery’s Anniversary Gala Tiki Show on June 23rd.

Blast Off Vessel

Paintin’ on that crazy shaped vessel was harder that teachin’ a snake to play the bongos, but once she was done, I thought she looked right purty! Go to the DvA site if ya wanna’ peep it for your own self. www.dvagallery.com

July 17, 2007


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