March 28, 2013

Lonestar Round-Up bound!!

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Howdy all you rootin tootin buckaroos!!….I got a sack full of sorrys to drop on yer stoop! It’s been a whole heap of moons since I last laid the news on ya! I’ve had my head buried in my scribbles for the past month and just now got a breathin break! Any of you chicks n chucks ever been called up for Jury Duty? Man, that can be a real drag! Johnny Law spent 3 days tryin to whittle down our gang of 72 to an even dozen! I took every chance I could to chatter my hepcat patter!….them courthouse cats thought I fell completely off my nut!
“This whole kooky trial is like…outta order, Chicky Baby!!” Thankfully they cut me loose on day 3….Okie Fanokie, enough with my bring-downs…Let’s talk about what I got stewin’ and eyeball what I been doin!

Next week I jet West for Austin’s Lonestar Round-Up! I’ve never dropped in on this gig but it shore does sound like it’s parked right up my alley! I was invited to attend by Tomas Escalante of Sig’s Lagoon…Sig’s is located in Houston…If you happen to reside anywhere’s near the Lagoon, make like an apeman and swing on by!! Anyways, Tomas is a right solid cat with a tight wig and all thanks for the gig goes to him, ya dig? The Round-Up runs from Apr 4th thru the 6th at the Travis County Expo Center……I’ll be there all day Friday and Saturday at the Sig’s Lagoon booth located in the indoor vendin area….And dig this, I’ll have 4 paintings available in the Round-Up Art Show!! Here’s a look-see at my 2 newest for the show….

And if that ain’t enough to grab ya….I’ll also have 2 brand spankin new serigraphs at the show…”Hula Twosome” and “Crankenstein Meets the Biker Bride” These are not available anywheres else and I’ll only have a fistful, so…Gas it Up! Here’s a sneaky peek……

That ain’t enough for you?! It’s gonna take even more to blast yer jets?….I’m on ‘er, your honor!! I worked up a whole new batch of full color one-of-a-kind sketchbook originals!! Derek originals at a penny-pinchin price!! Crazy, man! Take a gander at a few……

And lastly, but far from leastly…I will be debuting my newest 3-D acryl-o-graph entitled “X-Ray Love”…..If you got no notion of what the hell I’m on about, then you gotta kick, scrape n’ claw your way to the Sig’s Lagoon booth and drop your marbles on one in person to fully dig my meanin’! Made a couple of these with different designs a while back and they moved faster than a hungry nun at all all-you-can-eat fishfry!! They’s so new there wasn’t even time for my photo guy to snap a few……here’s one I took just to give you a clue, but it don’t do it justice, no-wise!

In other news….Mr. Retro has just released a VERY limited edition Space Gasser Deglo Mug! This one is so bright n’ out of site, our friends the Moon Goons can see it all the way from outer spaces…and they think it’s Aces!! Only 30 total were produced by the mug masters at Tiki Farm so saddle up a satellite and blast off, man!!

Also, them covert creeps at Mr. Retro musta’ snuck into my studio under the cover of darkness and made off with some more original pencil sketches from my scribble safe….they added 2 new ones to the site….Here’s a look at ‘em, but to give ‘em a real once over, head to Mr. Retro!

Okay Hipsters…that’s all I got for now! And remember…if you hang your beanie in a pad down Austin-Way, fall by the Lonestar Round-Up and say “Howdy!!”

Dig ya later,

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