May 6, 2013

Elucidatin’ n Pontificatin’!

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Howdy Hepcats! It is I….your Royal Highness of Retro Hipness!! Plant yerselves real near and lend an ear….allow me to elucidate and pontificate on all the doins I have of late!! Well…It took me a solid month of days n nights to recover from Austin’s Lonestar Round-Up! That has got to be, hands down, the ring-a-ding-dinginest of all rockabilly gigs that ever was! Nuthin’ but Rat Rods, Pin-Up Pussycats, and Rockabilly Rebels as fer as the eyeball could peep! It was heaven right here on earth I tells ya! And I gotta pile heaps of thanks on that way out cat Tomas Escalante, the head honcho of Houston’s Sig’s Lagoon, for invitin me to sit in at his booth! And thanks to all you swell cats n kittens that swung by to snag art and make with all the nice-nice!! Hipsters from Australia, Germany and even France dropped in! It was like some kinda nutty koo-koo League of Nations for Hepcats!! What a real gone gasser!! And dig this…Tomas introduced me to my all time favorite hillbilly rockers, Southern Culture on the Skids! Them cats was in town for a gig at the Continental so I got to meet ‘em and jaw it up for a good while!! And double-dig this…them cats asked me to work up a T-shirt design for their upcomin appearance at this year’s Tiki Oasis! I’ll share my scribbles with all ya’ll once they’s ready, Eddie! Hope they dig what I come up with!

In other Derek News….My fine-feathered friends at Mr. Retro have just made available my newest limited edition serigraph, “Hula Twosome”! This one made it’s first appearance as a painting a while back and you tiki freaks have been kickin in the back door of my shack to release it as a print so…here ya’ go, Daddy-O!! Just perfect for all you hula nuts in yer tiki huts!!

Mr. Retro also released 2 new original sketches recently stolen from my doodle vault…don’t know how them finks keep jimmyin’ the lock on that damn thing, but they do….sad day for me but lollipops n’ rainbows for you lucky cats!

OK…this next bit is proof positive that this is a nutty world we live in!! A little while back I got an e-mail from this real groovy wahine by the name of Michele Rundgren…she asked me to scribble out some art for her and her husband’s new restaurant called “Tiki Iniki” opening on the island of Kauai in Hawaii….Now most days I’m about as sharp as a sackful of doorknobs, so it took me a few cliks before I clued into the fact that she was the lovely wife of TODD Rundgren! Like….Crazy, man!! Anyways, I had a blast scratchin out art for ‘em and I gotta tell ya’…Michele is a hoot and a kick and one real hip chick!!

Now that Summer is about to crash land on my corner of the kingdom it made me realize that I never showed you hipsters the scribble I scribbled for this year’s Tiki Oasis….The theme is Hulabilly and anyone who knows me knows that’s parked right up my alley, cat!
I’ll be jawin gobs more about the event as it gets a little closer but here’s a little look see at this year’s official Tiki Oasis show serigraph! Hot Diggity Dawg!

And it looks like Tiki Farm will be releasing my newest hillbilly-inspired mug at this year’s Tiki Oasis! She’s named Ernest T ( the “T” is for Teeki ) and even though she ain’t the official show mug I still think she strikes the right note, Billy Goat!! Here’s a little look-see at the Tiki Farm preview image….

Okay cats n kittens….that’s all I got to lay on ya right now….Lots of things in the hopper, though…..workin’ on art for an upcoming children’s book….Walls 360 is days away from rolling out an entire line of my scribbles….just finished up a movie poster for a Canadian tiki documentary….and LOTS more new serigraph releases comin up at Mr. Retro!! So, throw yer buggy into neutral gear and stay real near…much more to come very soon, baboon!

Dig you later!

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