July 16, 2013

It’s a Doggone Tiki Freak Hootenanny!

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Howdy Hepcats!

Toss a little Yee-Haw in with the Aloha!! The Tiki Oasis in San Diego is in the not too distant….( Aug 15 thru 18 )…and since this year’s theme is Hulabilly, I’ll shorely be droppin in on the hoedown that’s fixin to go down!! It’s guaranteed to be corn-fed crazy with a heapin helpin of kickapoo joy juice!! Throw a blanket over Bessie or hitch a mess of mules to the nearest buggy….this one is gonna be slicker than deer guts on a doorknob! And since I will be swingin in on the hootenanny I’ll have a gaggle of newness to lay on you cats! I’ll be rollin out the official Tiki Oasis “Hulabilly” show serigraph at the event….There’s a print signing happenin on Saturday ( eyeball the TO website closer to the gig for details ) Looks like Mean Gene at the Falling Cocos booth will be selling the prints…so grab a fistful on Friday and meet me at the signin, man!!

And dig this…I designed a Hillbilly Tiki Mug for the gig! Now, just so’s we’s straight, this ain’t the OFFICIAL Tiki Oasis mug….but I still think she’s a hoot AND a holler!! Them mug masters at Tiki Farm fired it and did a right nice job on it I must say!! We call it “Ernest T” ( the “T” is for TIKI doncha know? ) Not sure when at the event they’ll be released but I’ll be there to meet and greet with ya and scribble my Johnny Hancock on em if ya want….Keep yer ears real near for more info……

Okay hipsters……I was able to sneak the necessary tic-tocs and sling some paint for this year’s Tiki Oasis Art Show “Americana Tiki”….She’s entitled “Corn Squeezin Zs”…Hope you can dig it!

So, when I was makin the rockabilly scene in Austin for the Lonestar Roundup I met the super swell trio that is Southern Culture on the Skids….them cats are Aces! Anyways…come to find out they’s gonna be at this year’s Oasis!! Crazy, Pops! So they was kind enough to ask me to design a t-shirt for ‘em to sell at the gig!! Tiki god worship…hillbilly style!! The Wizard of Booze! They’ll have a merch table so find it and get yer greedy mitts all over ‘em!! Here’s a sneaky peek…..

And this time around, for the first time ever, I’ll have a whole batch of sketchbook originals for sale at the event! I sell heaps n gobs of these damn things at gallery gigs and shows like the ComicCon and the DragonCon….original art at a penny pinchin price!! Here’s a look-see at a few of the doodles I’ll have for ya to paw thru….

And lastly….I just added a big batch of art to all of my Art Pages….16 paintings, 10 serigraphs, 11 illustrations and 2 mugs!! Bop on over to each page, scroll down to the bottom and give ‘em a gawk, man!

Tiki Freaks Unite!! Git yer good self out to San Diego next month, track me down and say “Howdy Cat!”……Mai Tais on you!


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