August 14, 2013

Hulabilly Hoedown is Fixin’ to Go Down!

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Howdy all you corn-fed cuzzins! Just droppin a little reminder on you cats….The Tiki Oasis is this comin’ weekend! I’ll be jettin west for the gig in a few quick cliks of the clock….If you plan on fallin in, you gotta track me down and share a swig of joy juice with me! Don’t be makin’ with the bashful bit….what with all the hillbilly inbreedin…we’s probably related!
Still kinda fuzzy on where my print signing is gonna be, but I’m thinkin it’ll be in the large Crowne Plaza lobby from 11am til Noon on Saturday…Check the printed program schedule for more know, Daddy-O! The official show print is available at the signing…..and before and after that you can get one at the Falling Cocos suite….and I think my Tiki Farm “Ernest T” mug release is gonna be around that same time and place……

Here’s another look-see at some of the full color sketchbook original pages I’ll have for sale as well….and dig this, for all you tiki freaks that wanna get yer mitts on a piece of Tiki Oasis history, I’ll also have a fistful of original pencil art from prior events! Be you round, be you square…it’ll surely curl your hair!

Another original piece you might dig is the painted hand drum “L is for Luau”….eye it!

Looks like they’s gonna be an Artist Reception for the Tiki Oasis Art Show on Saturday at noon in the Lahaina Room….I’ll make with the heel n’ toe action after the signing and try n’ catch that scene as well…….here’s another peek at the scribble I’ll have in the show…

I gotta get kickin, Chicken!…..This hillbilly ain’t got no time to dilly!! Lots to do before I blast off!….

See ya soon, ya goons from Saskatoon!

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