August 25, 2013

Dig Me at DragonCon!

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Hey all you frantic ones! Go easy on me…I’m still tryin to dry out my rum-soaked noggin from last weekends Tiki Oasis in San Diego!! That gig was a real knee-slappin barn-burner! It was great swiggin joy juice and diggin the reunion routine with all my west-coast tiki chums!! Here’s a few snaps of the koo koo nuttiness….

But dig this….I barely snagged any time for goofin or catchin up on my Zs before I had to start gettin ready for Atlanta’s own DragonCon event! I drop in on this scene every year…it is bar none, hands down my biggest gig of the year! And this go around I got more new scribbles to lay on you cats than EVER before!! The show starts this comin Friday ( August 30 ) and runs thru Labor Day ( Sept 2 )….I’ll be coppin a squat in the same spot as I have for the last few years….Comic and Pop Artist Alley in the Hyatt Regency Hotel…crack yer peepers on the wide side and hunt me down!! Here’s a look-see at my booth set-up…You’d have to be blinder than a bat in bifocals to miss it!!

The DC powers that be were nice enough to ask me to scribble out another DragonCon Parade Tee design…I was happy as hell to oblige!! The T-shirts have sold out over the past couple of years so if ya dig it and gotta have it….Take off at a wild tempo!! And that ain’t all…Them DC bigwigs also invited me to create another hotel room key design for this year’s gig!! Crazy! Swing by my booth and I’ll sign yer keycard for ya! I’ll have prints available of both the T design and the keycard art. If ya want one, hit the gravel ’cause them things are guaranteed to travel!

Got a whole mess of new limited edition serigraphs that will make their debut at the show…A little something for every hipster and flipster!…Here’s a few to wet yer whistle!

And dig this hipsters…finally got my mitts on them Elvira prints that I been squakin about for so long! Got a few that glow in the dark and an even lesser few signed by the Mistress of the Dark herself!!

I’ll be rollin out a brand spankin new plywood serigraph! Fins n’ Grills!

I’ll also be bringin a batch of the outrageously popular Hi-Fi Paper Model Kits!! We’ll have one assembled and proudly displayed for you to dig on! It’s a riot…swing by and eye it!!

A few years back I introduced the world to the amazing 3-D Acryl-O-Graph!! Them things sold faster than fishstix at a hungry nun convention!! So….if you cats got any rafters overhead it’s time for ya to start swingin from ‘em! Available for the first time anywhere…the newest Acryl-O-Graph…”X-Ray Love”….a sleeker and more affordable version for you cats with a tighter hold on yer purse strings! The snap below don’t do her justice, drop by and eyeball it in person, man!

Also gonna have a nice hefty stack of new sketchbook originals for ya to paw thru….

And for you mug maniacs….”Ernest T”…..

The Southern Culture on the Skids kids were kind enough to lay a stack of tees on me so I’ll have those for ya too!

Okay….if all that ain’t enough for ya, then I’m gonna need to upgrade to a hi-test fuel, cause I’ve been blowin my headers full tilt all Summer for this gig, ya dig? Drop by and give it all the good eye!!


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