October 3, 2013

It’s a Riot…Eye It!

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Hey all you Hepcats!! Hope all is super groovy wherever it is you call Pad Sweet Pad! Over the next few weeks runnin head-long into the holiday season we’ll be addin heaps of new biscuits to the Mr. Retro site so I’ll be be yellin in yer ear like Paul Revere!! Don’t run for cover, man…plant your feet and dig the beat!!

Alright friends….let’s commence with the Cavalcade of Newness! Just released “Pad Sweet Pad”….This limited edition serigraph made a big splash when it debuted at last month’s DragonCon! Them things went faster than a roadrunner on jet gas! Thankfully for all you beatniks, we got a few left! So split the Coffee Cave early-like and git yer mitts on ‘em before they is splitsville, Pops!

Okay….speakin of DragonCon, We are also adding the crazy popular DragonCon Parade print to Mr. Retro as well as the VERY limited DC Hotel Keycard print! Almost sold out of these so if ya dig em, quit yer goofin’ and go get ‘em! And another thing…I hoid from a nutty lil’ boid that the parade T-shirt I designed sold out at the gig yet again! But don’t Boo-Hoo, Mary Lou!! I also hear-tell they reprinted it…so if ya wanna snag a T, head to the DragonCon store!

In other Update News…Them no-goodniks at Mr. Retro made off with a hefty stack of original sketches a while back and it looks like they’ve added a few more for you kooks to eyeball….

Haven’t chatted with you mad cats in a while ’cause I been doodlin at a wild tempo!! I been scratchin out art for a new book called “Kiddie Cocktails“….written by my good friend Stuart Sandler ( of Font Diner fame ) and published by them swells gents across the pond, Korero Press! I’ll be layin more art and info on ya as time ticks on but just to get ya started here’s a peek at the cover art…Crack yer peepers on the wide side, Clyde!

Alrighty Hipsters….If you dig a wild rockabilly kustom kulture scene, then this scribble will surely cause you to Flat Out Flip Out! Them ding dong daddies what run the Belles n’ Whistles Kustom Kuture Fair in Sydney, Australia gave me a scream and laid the gig on me….if you don’t think this one cuts a mean groove then hop the nearest hearse to the boneyard ’cause you’re dead, man!

And now a little somethin for all you Spanish-Speakin Swingsters…Just got the word that Madrid’s Linea Curve Magazine blogged up a nice bit on me!! Bop on over and give it a look-see!

And lastly, I gotta pile a multitude of gratitude upon all you hipsters that came by my booth at last month’s DragonCon!! It was bar-none, hands down my best show EVER! Thanks for makin with all the love lingo and grabbin up so many scribbles! You cats are the Bees Knees AND the Mamas Pajamas! Here’s a few snaps from the weekend of nuttiness…

One more thing-a ding-ding….I’ll be at the University of Nebraska at Kearney from Oct. 16th thru the 18th! Them cats in the Art Dept. are bringin me out for a gallery gig and they’s even gonna let me talk art with the students! I’ll blab on endlessly about what I do, how I do it and so on and so forth…I got Professor Doug Waterfield to thank for the invite….Thanks a heap, Dougy! See you goons real soon!!

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