March 23, 2014

To Dig or not to Dig!

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Howdy Cats!….I have been quite neglect in my attention to the News Page as of late…Man, like I been hoppin higher than a kangaroo wearin moon boots on a trampoline! I have been throwin lots of new scribbles n snaps on my Facebook Fan Page, however. So’s if ya wanna follow what I’m workin on a little more closer-like, Fall by and dig the doodles, man!

For all you rootin-tootin buckaroos what lives down Texas way…Next weekend ( Sat. March 29th ) I’ll be in Houston at the fabulous Sig’s Lagoon for a solo gallery gig! If you hang yer Stetson anywheres near that zip…make the trip!! Lots of original paintings, serigraphs n’ sketches for you cats to paw thru! Here’s a look-see at the flyer as well as a serigraph and an original painting for the gig….

And if that don’t flip yer wig…The original white trash warriors, Southern Culture on the Skids will be playin right next door at the Continental Club….not one nite, but TWO!!
Here’s a flyer featuring some art I did for their upcoming 12″ single “Party at my Trouse”…

In other nutty news…I hear tell the hepcats at Mr. Retro just released a new batch of my original sketches….Don’t know how them creepsters keep gettin their mitts on my scribbles!
Anyways….my lose, yer gain, Pops! Light up yer pitty pats n’ hot foot it on over!

One of my many excuses for not updatin my News Page….The Kiddie Cocktail Book! Well, dig this kids…she’s donesville…and she’s a gas! Korero Press is hard at work printin em up all fancy like!! Here’s a little sneak peek at some of the art….clik here to get an even better look!

And last on the list, but not least on the list…I thought you cats might wanna gander at some more of the art I scribbled for this years Tales of the Cocktail event….It’s like seein the whole world thru beer goggles!! Crazy, man….crazy!

Alright Hipsters….I gotta split….makin with the paint slingin routine these days…many more to come..stay close and I’ll straighten ya real soon-like….

Much love upon ya,

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