June 26, 2007

Books Baby, Books . . .

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Be lookin’ for some of my chicken scratchins to show up in a few books in the comin’ months. Sal Canzorieri of the band Electric Frankenstein is puttin’ together a rock n’ roll art book and he was swell enough to give me a coulple of pages.The book will be published by Scapegoat.

B Is For Beat!

Doktor Viktor Von Kreep, of 1313 Magazine renown, is compiling a cool, creepy tome entitled “Cereal Killers.” It’s a whole slew of artists redoin’ cereal box art guaranteed to give ya’ the heebies AND the jeebies! Dr. Von Kreep axed me to do the cover art (which can be seen on the illustration art pages of this site) as well as an interior box art page. I’m all creeped up just thinkin about it!

Lastly, but certainly not leastly… them fine, far out cats at Korero Books (Pinstripe Planet) invited me to be in their upcomin’ book entitled “Kustom Graphics”. I’ll have 8 full pages to display a whole heapin’ helpin’ of Derek art!! Should be rollin’ out by the year’s end.

July 8, 2007

Other stuff comin’ up…

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I, with the help of my hepcat partner Stuart Sandler (of Font Diner fame) will be addin’ a whole mess of new products to the Mister Retro site. www.misterretro.com

In the hopper right now are:

1) 6 brand spankin’ new serigraphs

2) The Moai Munchkins (a swell set of 4 Easter Island mini mug shot glasses produced by the ginchiest of all mug makers, Tiki Farm)

Moai Munchkin Tiki Mugs

3) A line of Derek barware sure to flip the wigs of all you solid hipsters

4) A very limited edition signed and numbered Derek fez from those way out daddys at Fez-O-Rama!

The Royal Order of Hipsters Fez Design

You can get your hands on one of those babies only at the Tiki Oasis in San Diego Aug. 16-18. Swing on by and holler “Howdy!” www.tikioasis.com

July 17, 2007


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August 9, 2007

It’s Tiki Time!

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Hey there chicks and chucks! If any of you cats out there in webland are gonna’ be in the San Diego area August 17th through the 19th, ya just gotta swing by the Tiki Oasis and say howdy! I’ll be there peddlin’ prints and swiggin a few fruity concoctions with my fellow tiki freaks.

Tiki Oasis 7 Serigraph

The event will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (formally the Hanalei Hotel). On Sunday the 19th the tiki vending area will be open to the public, so drop by and snatch up your very own official Tiki Oasis 7 event serigraph! A steal of a deal at the limited time show price of only 30 bucks! It’s only available from me at the Derek art hut, it’ll surely blast you straight into Modsville, man! I’ll also have a whole mess of other new prints for ya’ to peep.

You also gotta check out the far-out fez masters of Fez-O-Rama. They’re gonna be there with a VERY limited edition Derek fez! Only 25 of them cats will be available so if ya’ wanna be an exclusive member of the “Royal Order of Hipsters” act fast!

Also be on the lookout for the official Tiki Oasis 7 mod mug, designed by me and produced by the fabulous Muntiki. These mambo-sized mugs are sure to fly off the shelf so have your cabbage at the ready. Plant ya’ now, dig ya’ later!


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Tiki Oasis 7 in San Diego

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See ya there!

September 11, 2007

Rum-soaked Hootenanny

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What’s kickin’ chickens? Well, I think I’ve just about recovered from the West Coast tiki-lovin’ rum-soaked hootenanny that is the Tiki Oasis. As always it was a real gone gas! I met all kinds of great kittens and cats and reunited with some old friends from past years. Unlike last year, the room crawls were allowed ‘til the wee early brights so you just know a crazy scene ensued! I spent most of my after-hours samplin’ homemade concoctions from room parties and tryin’ to tag my friends with as many DerekArt stickers as possible. I had a blast actin’ like a real nimrod from Finksville! The kings of surf/exotica, the Blue Hawaiians played both Friday and Saturday night on the main stage and man, they completely fried my peanut! Crazy!

Had a great show, sold a whole heap of prints. The official Tiki Oasis 7 show print sold like flippin’ hotcakes! If you couldn’t make the Oasis gig, you just gotta hoof it on over to www.mrretro.com and get one for your own good self. And while your there, be sure to cast your peepers on the three other serigraphs that are brand spankin’ new.

I was also thrilled to the gills when I saw the Tiki Oasis 7 mug. (Designed by me and produced by them amazing cats at MunkTiki) She looked super swell I tells ya! They came in three mod colors and sold out the first night…hot diggity dog!

Tiki Oasis 7 Munktiki Mug

A very special thanky to the fabulous fez-masters of Fez-O-Rama! They debuted the VERY limited edition Derek fez, “The Royal Order of Hipsters” at the Oasis and I’m happy to say, sold a whole heapin’ mess of them crazy beanies. There’s not many left so if’n you wanna be a member of the way-out club that’s for hipsters only, swing on over to www.fez-o-rama.com and snatch ’em up.

Royal Order of Hipsters Fez

One of the highlights of the Tiki Oasis had to be when my friend Ernest Keen made with the maximum nice-nice by givin’ me the coolest pencil drawing I ever did eyeball! Ya see…Ernie is an animator for The Simpsons and he was kind enough to draw me up a scene with a snoozin’ Homer gettin’ pranked royally by Bart n’ Lisa. I love it more than me own Mum… and I loves me Mum! I figure I can sell it on Ebay for at least 22 bucks… I kid, I love…I love, I kid!

Simpsons Sketch


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