December 2, 2012

A Left Turn in Albuquerque!

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Howdy hepcats!! Just wanted to lay some quick news on ya’….if you can spare the ticks n tocks of the clock, I’ll hip your ship with the skinny on my newest gallery gig! The mini solo show, entitled “A One Way Ticket to Flipsville” opens on Friday Dec. 7th at Stranger Factory in Albuquerque New Mexico…I shipped out 13 original paintings ( 5 of ‘em brand spanky new), 1 limited edition silkscreen on wood, and 8 sketchbook originals!! If your pad is planted anywheres near that zip, get hip and make the trip, it’s guaranteed to make ya’ flip! Here’s a look see at all the scribbles I’ll have at the show, Daddy-O!

In my last newscast I mentioned that I was workin’ on a serigraph for Elvira: Mistress of the Dark….and you might also recall that I previewed a pencil sketch of the work in progress….well dig this all you fans of the freaky and fools for the ghouls….Elvira really flipped over the scribble so I got green-lit to make with the final art bit!! Below is a sneak peek at how she turned out….I love it so much it’s downright unnatural! Printed up just 80 of these beauties and then just for kicks n’ giggles we printed up 40 more with Glow-in-the-Dark inks!! How’s that grab ya? Keep your lead sled in a neutral gear and I’ll clue ya’ as soon as they hit the shelves at Mr. Retro!

That’s it for now, Chippies n’ Flippies! Mr. Retro will be adding new serigraphs, sketchbook originals, and some more surprises real soon to help you cats with the holiday shoppin bit….I’ll let ya’ know when it’s a go!

Dig thee later,

November 15, 2012

So Far Out, It’s In!!

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Howdy Hipsters!
Lookin’ forward to a little time off this comin’ Turkey Day…I needs to put the square wheels on my wagon! Been hoppin’ like my jeans are full of jumpin’ beans!! Gonna’ be nice to make with the giblet n gravy bit for a spell! Hope all you cats dig a little down time your own good selves..

More new releases at Mr. Retro to clue ya’ on….Just now added a brand new limited edition serigraph….She’s named “Lounge Lagoon” and is just the thing to add some ring-a-ding-ding to your tiki shack!! Kick back, float off the edge and dig a little infinity, man!!! The holiday shoppin’ never starts too early…snag this one for a fellow tiki freak today! Give it the eye….

And dig this all you mug collectin’ crazies!! My limited edition Space Gasser Mug is now available at Mr. Retro! Hand-crafted by them mug masters at Tiki Farm, this one is so far out, it’s in!! And if that ain’t enough to blast you to Planet Endsville, I
scribbled my Johnny Hancock on each and every one!! Only a few of these beauties in orbit so…Soup up a satellite and rocket on over, Moon Goon!!

And if you dig the scribbles in a more “original” fashion…Mr. Retro just added 2 more of my wildly popular full color sketchbook originals!! Affordable original art torn right from my own personal sketchbooks!! These have been sellin’ like gin-soaked hotcakes so don’t delay, Doris Day!! Here’s a look at the new ones….

In other Derek News…A few ticks n tocks ago, I scratched out some nutty new T-shirt art for them rockabilly rebels at Rumble ‘59! They was kind enough to invite me, along with a whole mess of way-out artists from all over the globe to participate.
My design is entitled “Draggin for Pinks”…..have a look-see!

Now I got some news to lay on ya that might just fry your wig clean off your coconut!! Elvira, as in “Mistress of the Dark”, contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in scribblin’ art for a limited edition Elvira serigraph! Well if that don’t put a hopped up hitch in yer get-along I don’t know what will?!! Don’t have full color shots to lay on ya’ just yet but here’s a peek at the pencil sketch I doodled up….Dig It!

Just got word that Cover Magazine from Venezuela did a write up on me in their latest issue!! 3 pages of art and a little bit of skinny on what and why I is! Wowsville!! So all you South American swingers gotta’ drop in on your local mag shack and pick one up!! Here’s a look at the cover of Cover…

Lastly but never leastly, I have an upcoming gallery gig at Stranger Factory in Albuquerque, New Mexico….The show opens on December 7th…I slung enough pigment to add 5 brand new pieces to the other 9 pieces I’ll be sendin out for the show….I’ll lay the rest on you in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime here’s one for ya’ to drop your marbles on….”Pad Sweet Pad”

Okay….I gotta split! Always more to come so, if you haven’t already, sign up for updates on my homepage and you won’t miss a thing, Chicken Wing!!

Dig ya later,

October 30, 2012

Grab a Shovel and Dig It, Deady-O!!

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Howdy Groovy Ghouls!! Hope all you fuzzy freaksters are ready for Halloween….if’n you ain’t then you best get to carvin’ them pumpkins and pickin’ out your most horrible threads cause it’s creepin’ up real quick-like, man!! I think this year I’m goin’ as the Invisible Man…that cat is REAL gone!! Get it?….REAL GONE! That’s a knee-slapper! Dig this Halloween sketch I recently scribbled out…

Okay Halloween Hipsters….gather round the cauldron and allow me to scare up some freshy dead swag for ya’! Got a couple of new items available at Mr. Retro….Both of these are gonna’ knock you flat!! The first piece is a brand new limited edition serigraph entitled “Room 666″…..From where I’s perched she looks to be a real killer! Hotwire a hearse and gas over to Mr. Retro to get your monster mitts on one TODAY!!
Here’s a few snaps to roll your eyeballs over….

For all you fez-lovin’ freaks…I have a VERY small number of “Double Agent” fezzes left!
These are a solid kick!! Produced by the fabulous folks at Fez-O-Rama, so you know they’re top shelf all the way, Dad! See what sizes we have left at Mr. Retro and hopefully we’ll have one to cover your coconut!

Have you goons got your copy of “Comics Sketchbooks” yet? Well whatcha’ waitin’ on?
I just recently got a complimentary copy since I’m lucky enough to have 4 pages of my scribbles in this way out coffee table tome!! The book is a collection of pages from artists sketchbooks from all over the world….And there’s some real ding dong daddies of the doodle in there, man! R. Crumb, Gary Panter, Charles Burns and Bill Plympton to namedrop just a few! Billed as a collection of sketches from today’s most Creative Talents…..and me. Drop by Amazon and order one up!!

One last bit to lay your way….A few clicks of the clock ago I scratched out some logo and T-shirt art for Sig’s Lagoon in Houston, Texas….I think she turned out right nice….Give it a gawk!!

Alright all you Boils n’ Ghouls, I gotta crawl back to the crypt and crack the whip!! Hope you all have a screamin’ ball next week at Dracula’s Hall!! Lots more new scribbles in the works…I’ll lay ‘em on ya’ at a later date….ya dig?


September 26, 2012

Dig the New at Mr. Retro’s Pad!

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Howdy Hepcats!!

Hope yer diggin’ a far-out Fall! It’s been so steamy on my corner of the playground, I’m a ready Freddy for a frosty drop in the mercury! OK….if you got a few ticks n tocks to spar, allow me to lay a little news your way and drop some recent scribbles upon ya’!

The DragonCon gig that was held here in Atlanta at the start of the month was an absolute hoot!! It was far and away my best show ever! Sold heaps and gobs of art and met a whole mess of real gone gators and way-out wahines! And dig this….I designed a new T-shirt and hoodie for the Con and both Sold Out before the show was even over!! Crazy, man! Thanks to all you Derek art snobs for droppin’ in on the show and makin’ me feel like the coolest Clyde in the whole mother kingdom! You cats are Aces!

Over the next few months I’ll be adding lots of new stuff to the Mr. Retro merchandise pages so keep an ear pointed my way so’s ya’ don’t miss ‘em, ya’ dig? First up is what I believe to be the ding dong daddy of all the Tiki Oasis prints! “Exotic Espionage” is a guaranteed gasser, man! This one sold like mad at the Oasis event last August, so light your laces afire and hotfoot it on over and get yours today!

And for all you Con-lovin cats that couldn’t make it out to DragonCon, I have a VERY limited supply of Dragon Con Parade prints and DragonCon Dragon prints…put your sled in drive and gas it up!!

Also just released at Mr. Retro….4 one-of-a-kind original pencil drawings from some of my most popular paintings and prints! Not real sure how them Retro cats got their greedy little mitts on these originals….I got lots of smog in my noggin’ about the whole scene!
I think they slipped a mickey into my mezcal and swiped ‘em from the vault as I fell dead to the curb! A drag for me but a handful of aces for you Chicks n’ Chucks! Here’s a peek…
Head over to Mr. Retro for a better look-see.

In other Derek News….a while back I was asked by the Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra if I’d scribble out some cd art for ‘em…After clearin’ it with a whole heap of clergy cats to make sure I wouldn’t get all hopped up by demons and whatnot…I said “You Betcha!”
Man, what a blast I had doodlin’ for them devilish cats! Not sure when the cd will see the light of day…stay real near and lend an ear and I’ll clue ya’ once I’m able…..til then,
here’s a few snaps to eyeball…

One last thing to lay your way…Eric Rindal, one of the tiki titans from the West Coast band APE, asked me to work up an event poster to promote “The Battle of the Dad Bands”
Although the gig has already come n’ gone, I thought you hipsters might dig givin’ the art an eye……

Alright….I gotta’ make tracks…I’m workin’ on some new paintings for a gallery gig I got comin’ up in December….I’ll lay more info and drop some shots of the splatters on ya’ real soon-like! Hope all is well and your day goes swell!


August 27, 2012

Saddle your Dragon!!…The Con is On!!

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Howdy all you Con-Lovin’ Cats!! Atlanta’s DragonCon starts this Friday!! If you don’t already have plans to, you gotta’ drop yer flaps and buzz this gig!! This show gets bigger n’ wilder every year…If you’re anywhere on the East coast…swing by…you’ll dig it the MOST! I’ll be set up in the Comics and Pop Art room at the Hyatt Regency Hotel….same real estate as last year! Just look for my huge bright n’ shiny DEREK sign….you can’t miss it! And I will be joined once again by my righteous right-hand man Stuart Sandler ( of Font Diner fame )…Here’s a little look-see at my booth set up from last year so’s you can track us down…

I’ll have more new scribbles and doodles this go-round than EVER before! New Serigraphs, New Stickers, New Tiki Mugs and New Sketchbook Originals…to name just a few! Okay Chicks n’ Chucks, lets start with a few peeks at the 9 new serigraphs and prints I’ll be bringin’….

And if you’re lookin’ for a print with a little somethin’ special…a little more classy in the chassis…then the new “Papua Fisherman” serigraph on wood is parked right up yer alley!! Only 25 of these available and you cats at the Con get first dibs!! Peep it up…

Dig this kids! I also scratched out 2 new T-shirt designs for this year’s DragonCon!! I hear-tell they already had to reprint a new batch of the DragonCon Parade T, so get ‘em whilst ya’ can, man! And they printed up my Dragon design on official DragonCon hoodies!! Go, Daddy-O!!

You want more?…Oh I got more! I restocked all 24 original Posterpop stickers and that’s not all….I added 16 New Stickers to the pile!! Here a few of the new to eyeball…

In year’s past, I’ve brought a nice stack of full color sketchbook originals to the show….and since you hipsters seem to really snap ‘em up, I started sketchin’ like a madman way back when so this time around I’ve got over 40 sketches for you to paw thru! Here’s a fistful to ogle…Can you dig ‘em?….

Okay, lend another ear here….I’ve got 3 new Tiki Mug designs to lay on ya’! You gotta plant yer peepers on these in person…the snaps don’t tell the story, Pops! I’ll be there to sign ‘em if ya’ want…just say the word!

And for all you cats n’ kittens that dig the beanies with a fez flair…I’ll bring along a VERY limited stack of my brand new “Double Agent” fez!! These are beauties! stitched up by those fabulous fez freaks at Fez-O-Rama, they are so far out, they’re IN!!

I’ll also be draggin’ along a few painted original pieces to the gig….sneak a peek at a painted hand drum I just finished up like….yesterday!! All original…All one-of-a-kind!!

Whew! I’m almost clean outta’ words….I’ll also have some new cds and lps that I doodled cover art for, a few signed Playboy Brazil copies containing my interview, and much, much more!! Drop in and eyeball it all, ya’ll!!

Dig your day, okay?

August 13, 2012

Exotic Espionage

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Howdy all you crazy rum slingers and ukulele stringers!!! It’s Tiki Oasis time again!! If you cop yer squat on the west end of the kingdom and you don’t drop in on this gig…you got bats in the attic!! The event starts this Thursday the 16th and runs thru Sunday. I got so many opossum in the pots right now that I ain’t gonna’ be able to make the scene, but that don’t mean you can’t live it up!! This year’s theme is Exotic Espionage and Polynesian Pulp, so be sure and pack your trenchcoat and spy specs…and once you splash down have an ice cold martini in my honor, shaken NOT stirred!!

As you may already know, I scribbled out all the official art for the Tiki Oasis gig and I gotta’ lay it on ya square-like, this year’s limited edition show serigraph is by far my favorite of all them past doodles..This beauty is chocked full of spies, thighs and private eyes!! I dig it so much it’s downright filthy!! I sent a nice hefty batch out west for the show so get undercover and sneak up to the Falling Cocos booth and tell Mean Gene that “Derek sent ya’”……Here’s a couple of snaps for you to eye spy!

And dig this you secret agent cats…the most fabulous fez-makers on the planet have created a brand new VERY limited edition Derek fez for this year’s Tiki Oasis!! She’s called “Double Agent” and is the perfect addition to any spies cloak n’ dagger drapes! Not many of these available so make it to the Fez-O-Rama booth quik-like to plop one on your think box! Here’s a look-see at the fez and the design I doodled out…

And here’s somethin’ you just gotta’ give a gawk!! I did this interview when I was in Mexico City for my solo gig at the Vertigo Galeria and I think she turned out super-swell!! I usually hate these things, but the cats who cut this did a right nice job!!

Okay Kids….I gotta’ split! I’m busy getting ready for the Labor Day weekend DragonCon show here in Atlanta!! This throw-down gets bigger n’ better every year! I’ll have more new stuff at this gig than EVER before! Next week I’ll post a whole heap of shots of all the newness…so put yer sled in a neutral gear and stay very very near!!


July 18, 2012

New Scribbles Hip to the Tip!!

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Howdy Cats! Hope you’re all able to beat the heat from head to feet! I copped a squat out in the breeze yesterday tryin’ to work up some new doodles and damned if my scribble stick didn’t melt down to nothin’! I gotta’ figure a way to frost up my patio, Daddy-O! I tried droppin’ a few freeze cubes down my drawers to stay nice n’ chilly but ended up with a frost-bit doodle and not nary one scribble to speak of! What a bring-down!

Alright, enough of my rumbles n’ grumbles. Dig this Kids!…..I updated every one of my Art Pages!! It’s been a spell since I’ve added new art so I had heaps to lay on them pages, doncha’ know? You’ll peep 8 new pics on the Paintings pages, 7 new Serigraphs, 10 new Illustrations, and 1 new Mug snap!! That oughta’ keep you kids outta’ trouble for a few clicks! Just scroll down to the bottom of each Thumbnail Page and give ‘em a gander!

In other News…Them swell cats with The fabulous DragonCon in Atlanta asked me to work up another T-shirt design for this year’s show….And dig it…it’s now all printed up fancy-like and available thru the DragonCon website! The last T I scratched out for ‘em Sold Out so grab yours while ya’ can, man! Here’s a little look see….

Okie Dokie Dads….I was kinda sittin’ on the fence about layin’ this one your way but all my friends said “make with it already!” So…here ’tis. When I was in Mexico City for my solo gig at the fabulous Vertigo Galeria I did a few interviews…I always think I look n’ sound like a real Clyde in interviews but maybe you cats’ll dig it just the same…
Indio TV: Dr. Alderete con Derek Yaniger

The Ding Dong Devils from California dropped a shoebox full of $20s on me and demanded I work up another cd design for ‘em! Not one to disappoint, I scooped up the bread and started scribblin’ to beat the band! I think they plan on havin’ ‘em ready to sell at next month’s Tiki Oasis in San Diego…Here’s a peek at the cd cover as well as the art I created for the flop-side…Can you dig it?

Got lots more goin’ on in the comin’ weeks….Tiki Oasis Updates, DragonCon info, Mr. Retro print releases and all kinds of new doodles in the works, so stay glued in your places and I’ll deal you nothin’ but aces!!


June 28, 2012

Git Yer Pickers on the New Stickers!

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Hey Cats!! Okay….I elucidated a good while back about a new batch of PosterPop stickers that I had just scribbled up….well, Dig It…They’s finally made their debut! 16 brand spankin’ new stickers and a fistful of new T-shirts that just ooze my mid-century vibe!! That makes a total of 41 stickers and 10 T-shirts available at PosterPop! Aces, man!! Turbo charge your rat rod and leadfoot it on over to scoop ‘em all up!! Here’s shots of all 16 new stickers…if these don’t blast you into orbit, then you’re runnin’ on the wrong kinda’ fuel!

a few clicks of the clock ago Mr. Retro added a new limited edition serigraph….”B is for Burlesque”….This one’s for all you sleaze merchants that dig yer doodles with a Va-Va -Voom and a Hubba-Hubba!! Release your inner Cad, Dad!! Here’s a little look-see….

And for all you Aces that dig the outer spaces….Mr. Retro is also releasing a new digital print…”Space Gasser!”….I scratched this one out to coincide with the release of my newest Tiki Farm mug. Drop your marbles on a shot of it below…

Them crazy creepsters at Atlanta’s premier haunted house, Netherworld, just recently asked me to scratch out some new art for ‘em….And since them cats give me the heebies AND the jeebies I had no choice but to say….You Betcha! Take a gander at ‘em you Groovy Ghouls!!…

I got the screen printers workin’ double-time these days which means I’ll have lots more limited edition serigraphs available real soon-like!! Keep your know box wide open so’s I can drop in the word as soon as I get the skinny! Also jugglin’ lots of fun gigs that I know you’re gonna’ dig….I’ll lay all the doodles on ya’ in the comin’ weeks!!

OK, hot-weather Hipsters…don your Cool Rays and run wild in the sunshine and I’ll chat you up again in the not too distant!

June 5, 2012

Don’t Blow yer Cool, Fool!

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Hey all you pool chillers, iced tea swillers, and outdoor grillers! Hope you chickens are stayin’ cool wherever it is you happen to roost….where I cop a squat it’s hotter than a grease fire in hell’s kitchen!! Beat the heat for a few clicks and allow me to elucidate on all my recent doins!

Well, my Mexico City solo gig has come and went and I am spent!! Even though I was a web footed gringo from North of the Border them cats treated me like I was a long-time local!! They made with the nice nice and how!! Great turnout for the opening at the fabulous Vertigo Galeria!! Sold a whole heap of scribbles…them art snobs really know how to pony up the pesos!! And the workshop was an ever-lovin’ hoot and a holler!! A right nice group of talented shirts n skirts fell by to participate and kindly tolerated my long-winded yakety yak about all things retro!! I laid all my trade secrets on ‘em so my army of unholy mid-century minions just keeps on a growin’!! Here’s a whole mess of snaps from the opening nite….the 2nd snap is me n’ the gallery owners, the crazy talented Dr. Alderete along with the loverly Clarisa ( the bony-fied brains of the bunch!!) By my side in the 3rd snap is Babs…she works at the gallery too! She’s one real cool kitty from Hepcat City!! Thanks again for the South of the Border hospitality!!

Dig this kids! Last week them fine folks at Mr. Retro added some original pencil and ink sketches to the Originals Page and in less than an hour all 4 of them were gone daddy gone!! Crazy, man!! Them things moved faster than a hungry nun at an all-you-can-eat fishfry!! I hear tell them cats is gonna’ add some more real soon-like…sign up for updates at the Mr. Retro site and on my Home Page so you won’t miss out next time around! I do however have a few full color sketchbook originals still available…Each one is a one-of-a-kind piece of original art ripped right from my personal sketchbooks!! Here’s some shots of what they still have available….Git ‘Em!!

Okie Dokie, Doggie Daddy…this next bit of news stirs my swizzle so fast it’s almost unnatural!! Otto, the Big Barracuda what throws the mother of all Tiki gigs, The Tiki Oasis just dropped next year’s theme on me…Hillbilly Tiki!! Now if that don’t tickle yer innards then you don’t know nits from noodles!! Since I pert-near got moonshine runnin’ through my veins I think the news is slicker than deer guts on a door knob!! Otto asked me to doodle a little teaser art so here ’tis….Take a gander!

OK…I gotta’ blast off….I got loads more in the hopper so as soon as I have new scribbles for you to eyeball, I’ll lay ‘em on ya’!!

Dig you at a later date, Mate!

May 13, 2012

South of the Border Bound!

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Que Pasa all you cats n’ kittens down Mexico way!! My solo gallery show at the Vertigo Galeria in Mexico City is next week, so if you got a pad in that corner of the kingdom, hop a way-out wagon and fall by the gig, ya dig? I’ll do my best to chat up you hipsters even though I’m a gringo what don’t speak the lingo!! The show opens Thursday, May 17th…and on Friday n’ Saturday I’ll be holdin’ a workshop where I’ll share my trade secrets with a few lucky shirts n’ skirts! Bop over to the Vertigo site for the full skinny!

Okay…and now for the real solid bring-down…Looks like a couple of the boxes I shipped to the gallery got the hang-up in Mexican Customs. Seems like them customs cats don’t dig my doodles no-wise!!! Derek Doodles: Banned in 36 Countries!! Hopefully they’ll make it thru in time for the gig but it don’t look like a sure thing, Chicken Wing! On the sunny side…most of my scribbles got past them finksters so I assure you the show’ll still be a Guaranteed Gasser!! If you think I’m just slappin’ my gums, then take a look-see below, Daddy-O!!

And dig this….the box what held all my limited edition serigraphs and full color sketchbook originals made it thru clear n’ cool! Here’s a peep at all the sketches in the show…

I wanna thank the fabulously talented Jorge Alderete and Clarisa at Vertigo Galeria for makin’ with the invite, ponyin’ up the pesos to bring me down and dealin’ with the real drag that is Mexican Customs….I dig you cats the MOST, to say the least! Alright…I gotta’ fade…Lots more scribbles in the works so stay on my wave length and I’ll drop my flaps and buzz ya’ when they’s ready, Betty!


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