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Cro-Mag Cruiser Tiki Mug with Mini-Print

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Up from the primordial ooze comes the Cro-Mag Cruiser! Chompin on a big ol' turkey leg, Cro-Mag rockets over tar pits and lava rocks in his dino-charged caveman cruiser!  This pre-hysterical new mug measures 6 3/8" tall and its 16 fluid oz. capacity makes it the perfect vessel for all your Stone Age cocktail concoctions!

And to sweeten the deal, this nutty new Tiki Farm / Derek collaboration comes with a limited edition Cro-Mag Cruiser Mini-Print! The Cro-Mag Cruiser digital mini-print measures 7" x 10" and all are signed by the artist.

Only 20 sets available! So get yours before they're extinct!

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